About me

MeMy name is Argiris Paraskevas. I study computer science, but mostly I enjoy designing cool stuff. I am particularly passionate about user interfaces that are easy to use and delight users, at the same time. I also love coffee, good food, books and TV shows.

This is my portfolio, where you can see some of my works.



About my friends

If you like my work, then you’ll also like the work of these people, whom I’ve worked with.

SophieSophia P.
Wordsmith extraordinaire, wordplay ninja and my personal sensei about everything, Sophia, is the best copywriter out there. If you need something in writing, she is your gal.


The (in)famous sports & politics taunting video editor, who goes by the alias Scissorhand, has mad animating skills and is a very dear friend of mine.


PatrickPatrick Chamelo
Computer science student by day, indie iOS and Mac developer by night. He’s the James Bond of programming.


MichaelMichael Clark
The lead programmer of EarthBuzz Software Pte Ltd, Michael is like a hacker in a sci-fi movie, he can do anything. And he is a joy to work with.