• Macspot – Logo, Brand Identity, Website & Prints

    Macspot – Logo, Brand Identity, Website & Prints

    Macspot is a lovely Mac & iOS repair shop in Athens. Since they only repair Apple […]

  • Melistalachto – Logo & Jar

    Melistalachto – Logo & Jar

    Melistalachto is one of the sweetest and purest honeys I’ve ever tasted. Produced by a dear […]

  • Skype for Mac redesign – GUI

    Skype for Mac redesign – GUI

    Well, this wouldn’t be a designer’s portfolio, if there wasn’t an attempt to redesign Skype. Lately, […]

  • Second Salonica Christmas Cup – Logo & Prints

    Second Salonica Christmas Cup – Logo & Prints

    Second Salonica Christmas Cup was an event for young footballers in Thessaloniki Greece. I reimagined their […]

  • Take Me There – GUI

    Take Me There – GUI

    Take Me There is an upcoming app for commuting in London. The project is on hold […]

  • Argiris.me Minicards

    Argiris.me Minicards

    After designing my Minicards, I couldn’t decide among ten colors, so I went ahead and printed […]

  • Cappuccino – iPhone UI kit

    Cappuccino – iPhone UI kit

    This is an experimental iPhone UI kit I designed, codenamed “Cappuccino”. You can test it, in […]

  • EarthBuzz – Icons

    EarthBuzz – Icons

    After designing the primary icons for his fantastic Earthbuzz app, Michael came back to me for […]

  • Tweetalyzer – Icon

    Tweetalyzer – Icon

    This is the icon for an upcoming iPad app, by Patrick Chamelo. “Tweetalyzer” is a codename. […]

  • Thessaloniki cultural crossroads – Logo

    Thessaloniki cultural crossroads – Logo

    Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece, recently started the “Cultural crossroads” initiative, with the purpose […]

  • Statistique 2 – GUI

    Statistique 2 – GUI

    Statistique is an iPhone utility developed by my friend, Patrick Chamelo and designed by yours truly. […]

  • Water movement thesis – Cover

    Water movement thesis – Cover

    When my brother finished his M.Sc. thesis titled: ‘Experimental and theoretical study of the water movement […]

  • EarthBuzz – Icons

    EarthBuzz – Icons

    EarthBuzz is a crazy-good weather iOS app, developed by Michael, and I designed the toolbar icons […]

  • TV media player – GUI

    TV media player – GUI

    This was an experiment on the interfaces of these new TV media players. The icons and […]

  • Backup app – Icon

    Backup app – Icon

    This is an attempt on the icon of a Google back-up Mac app.

  • Christina – Card

    Christina – Card

    After seeing my mother’s bussiness card, Christina, her sister, asked me to design one for her […]

  • Greek Radio – Icon

    Greek Radio – Icon

    Having designed the icon for the “Greek Radio” Mac app, I was asked by Patrick to […]

  • Crime rate app – Prototype

    Crime rate app – Prototype

    After designing their car plates app, J3Trust asked me to conceptualize an app that allows you […]

  • Japan Times trainers – GUI

    Japan Times trainers – GUI

    The Japan Times, one of the most widely read newspapers, released in 2009 two educational apps, […]

  • CH Plaque – GUI

    CH Plaque – GUI

    J3Trust hired me to create the graphics for an iPhone app that allows you to lookup […]

  • Web design from scratch – Cover

    Web design from scratch – Cover

    Ben Hunt’s web design from scratch is one of the most under-appreciated resources online. Back in […]

  • Maria – Card

    Maria – Card

    Maria, my mother, is an accountant and asked me to design her cards. Accounting leaves much […]

  • Siris – Brand Identity

    Siris – Brand Identity

    Siris, is a small clothing manufacturing company in Thessaloniki, Greece. I was elated to have the […]